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  • De Poelbergsite wenst iedereen fijne feestdagen toe, geniet van vrienden en familie!

  • Welkom op onze website. hopelijk kunnen wij binnenkort persoonlijk verwelkomen op de poelberg voor een lekker drankje of heerlijke maaltijd

  • De Poelbergsite zal gesloten zijn op 11 juli.

  • Zaterdag 11/08 zal de poelbergsite sluiten om 18u

  • Poelbergsite na 18u: Mogelijkheid tot reservatie voor groepen. Graag staan wij u bij in de keuze tussen verschillende formules, neem contact op via onderstaand e-mail !

  • Poelbergsite verlof: van maandag 21/10 tot en met zondag 3/11

location & history

The Poelbergsite


At the top of the Poelberg you will discover a former convent, De Hoop (The Hope) and its school, that used to belong to the Zusters van 't Geloof (Nuns of the Faith).

The convent was built on July 19, 1882. What was initially a lace school for adults later became a primary school. Preschoolers as well as elementary school children from 7 to 14 years old attended classes there. The convent only accommodated a few nuns (5 to 6). The room where the lacework was done first became a chapel and was later turned into a regional museum.

In 1938 a Lourdes grotto and its processional walkway were built. Forty-seven years later, the neighborhood school closed its doors. In 2004 the former convent, whose oldest section dates back to the 1900s, its school and orchard were sold to the town of Tielt.

The Poelbergsite resort will open its doors during the summer of 2011. The whole site has been converted into a brand new visitor center that includes recreational facilities. If the Poelberg’s highest point only rises to 45 meters, its roads offer an average gradient of 7.5 percent and peak at 10 percent. There is a large variety of walking and bicycle trails to enjoy in the area.

The poelberg


The Poelberg area is definitely a must! It provides spectacular scenic views and twisting dirt tracks. Both the area and the 1726 Poelberg mill are part of the protected heritage. At the top of the Poelberg which is located at the junction between the Ommeland (woodland and wetland) of Bruges and the Leie area, you will see breathtaking landscapes on the city of Tielt, the Mandel-Leie Valley and the Meikebossen, the local woods that spread towards the North-East over a 75ha area.

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